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You've reached the Institute's repository for technical data files, IIHS TechData.

About this website

The TechData website is provided as a free public service by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (The Institute); an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses — deaths, injuries and property damage — from motor vehicle crashes. The TechData website provides registered users access to the technical data and reports that support the Institute's vehicle evaluations.

The Institute's General Counsel, as a custodian of records for the Institute with personal knowledge of the regular course of business of the Institute, attests to the fact that these records are kept by the Institute in the regular course of its business, and it was the regular course of business of the Institute for an employee or representative of the Institute, with knowledge of the act, event, condition, opinion or diagnosis, recorded to make these records or to transmit information thereof to be included in such records; and these records were made at or near the time or reasonably soon thereafter. All records downloaded from the TechData website are the originals or exact duplicates of the originals.

The information here is generally intended for people with some form of engineering or technical background, and while the Institute endeavors to keep the information up-to-date and correct, the Institute reserves the right to make additions, deletions or modifications to its contents at any time. Any reliance you place on such material is therefore, strictly at your own risk.

You can further find the results of the IIHS evaluations, as well as more consumer-oriented information, on our main website.


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